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finn siepser:
The Professional

pronouns: they/them

Educational Background

  • M.Ed. in Counseling & Human Services, Lehigh University, 2022

  • Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Book Arts, The University of Alabama 

  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Printmaking, The University of Alabama

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in French Literature, Reed College​

Supervisor Information

  • Kayti Protos, DSW, LCSW 

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Connecticut & Pennsylvania​

Selected Trainings & Certifications

  • Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC) in Connecticut

  • GREAT: Gender, Resilience, Empowerment, and Affirmation Training

  • Eating Disorders and Diet Culture: Inclusive Care for Trans Communities

  • Polysecure: Attachment, Trauma, and Consensual Nonmonogamy

  • Advanced Gender Affirming Surgery

  • Diversity Champions

  • Holding Space: Facilitation Fundamentals through a Jewish lens

Clinical Approach

I believe in an eclectic and client-empowering approach to therapy. To me, therapy is a team effort where the client is an expert in themselves and their life, and I contribute my knowledge or therapy and psychology. Since everyone is different, the approach will be different for each person. I believe strongly in anti-oppressive practices and working actively and continually to confront racism in myself and wherever I have influence. I work to be inclusive and affirming for all clients with marginalized identities and backgrounds


  • Affirming of gender and sexual diversity 

  • Body and fat liberation approach

  • Goofy, direct, nerdy, and authentic

  • Emphasis on intersectionality, systemic impacts, and liberation

  • Interventions:

    • Gestalt

    • Mindfulness

    • Play therapy

    • Family systems

    • Person-centered therapy

    • Grief counseling

    • Feminist and liberation psychology techniques

  • Special interests:

    • Playfulness for adults​

    • Healing relationships to eating & our bodies

    • Disability justice

    • Nonbinary identities

    • Interracial interactions

    • Trauma-informed care

    • Consensual Non-monogamy

    • Self-identified nerds, dorks, weirdos, freaks, and geeks

Siepser Headshot

finn: The Person

pronouns: they/them

Social Location

I am a 36-year-old, white, queer, genderqueer/nonbinary, fat, Jewishish, Quakerish, disabled, neurodivergent, non-veteran, U.S. citizen, and English-speaking mega-nerd. My SES and disability are extra complex. In addition to being a therapist, I am an artist, fat activist, and plant parent.

Interesting Facts

  • I know how to bind a book from scratch, including: making the paper; spinning the thread; and tanning a leather hide

  • I love growing my own food. I also have over 200 houseplants

  • My service dog is named after X-Men and D&D characters, but I probably won't understand any other cultural reference

  • I have found hundreds of four-leaf clovers and have even made bouquets out of them 

  • I have never been able to succinctly name a favorite author, book, movie, or musician. When I try, I end up with way, way more than one.

  • If I got to choose a superpower, I would be a shapeshifter.

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