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Clinical Supervision

Are you seeking supervision while working towards being fully licensed as a clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist, or professional counselor? Check out the options below for current offerings for masters and doctoral-level supervision. If you are fully licensed, please explore your options regarding professional consultation, as well as participation in a clinical supervision group. 


Clinical supervision is essential to help newer professionals as they gain experience and competence in their field, as well as to help more experienced professionals gain proficiency in new areas of interest. Dr. Kayti Protos is able to provide individual and group supervision opportunities for those pursuing their advanced licensure as a clinical social worker (LCSW) or professional counselor (LPC). Please note the state-specific requirements below.

Individual Supervision: (Rate: $75/session for allies; $50/session for LGBTQQIA+ providers)

  • Weekly 1-hour individual supervision provided by Dr. Kayti Protos, DSW, LCSW

  • CT providers: 100 hours of individual supervision are required as part of the 3000 clinical hours of post-graduate work. The hours of supervision count towards the total post-graduate hours. Social workers & professional counselors only. Click here for more information. 

  • PA providers: 150 hours of supervision are required while accruing the 3000 clinical hours of post-graduate work. Of these, at least 75 hours must be individual supervision and at least 75 hours must be provided by a LCSW. The other hours may be covered by another approved supervisor, or may be obtained through group supervision. Click here for more information.

Group Supervision: (Rate: $40/group for allies; $30/session for LGBTQQIA+ providers)

  • Weekly, 1-hour group supervision provided by Dr. Kayti Protos, LCSW through Zoom

  • CT providers: Individuals are welcome to attend across licensure level. Please note that group hours do not count towards the 100 required hours of supervision in CT.

  • PA providers: Participants may count up to 75 hours of group towards the required 150 hours of supervision. Group is open to those working towards LCSW, LPC, or LMFT, as well as those fully licensed and seeking additional support. 

  • Supervision groups are limited to 4 participants, with consistent attendance expected

Responsibilities of Supervisee:

  • Commitment to anti-oppressive, LGBTQQIA+ affirming practice

  • Maintain ethical practice, including updated training on mandatory reporting

  • Maintain individual professional liability and cyber-liability insurance, adding "Rainbow Resiliency, LLC" to your policy; 

  • Keep records of: log of clinical hours (up to 3000); notes from supervision; required CE elements, and other license-based needs

  • Provide informed consent to clients that you are in supervision, obtaining appropriate releases of information as needed. Must have ROI for any video/audio recordings.

Responsibilities of Supervisor:

  • Commitment to anti-oppressive, LGBTQQIA+ affirming practice

  • Maintain documentation regarding content of supervision, providing timely updates as needed. Prompt communication of any potential concerns with opportunity for supervisee to address any such concerns in a timely manner.

  • Complete paperwork (provided by supervisee) once hours are complete and application is ready for full licensure

  • Willingness to review at least 3 recordings during the supervision period. 

  • Maintain ethical supervision practice, including providing a secure virtual platform and/or options to meet in a HIPAA-compliant location.

  • Following all relevant codes of ethics, including student's discipline and the National Association of Social Work Code of Ethics 

Questions? Contact Kayti at 



Due to ongoing effects of Covid-19, all supervision is being conducted virtually.

Providers working/seeking licensure in Pennsylvania or Connecticut are eligible.

Technology Needs:


Supervisees will need the following technology:

  • Access to reliable, high-speed internet

  • Computer with camera and microphone 

  • Access to the Zoom app 

  • Email and phone number that can be shared with Dr. Kayti Protos for contacting you as needed

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