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letter writing

our philosophy

The providers associated with Rainbow Resiliency recognize the challenge of gatekeeping associated with access to gender affirming medical interventions. We pledge to support the trans, nonbinary, and intersex community and to reduce barriers wherever possible.

  • Free letter writing session: We offer one free session to individuals needing to meet with a mental health provider to obtain documentation supporting gender affirmative care. 

  • Advocacy opportunity: We will be transparent in the letter writing process. We will write the letter together in session, exploring opportunities to use the document to support you in accessing your desired interventions.

  • Self as expert: We acknowledge that you are the only person who can know the truth about your gender identity. We recognize your process for discovering your gender and affirm your ability to determine who you are. Our letters are a tool to help you access desired interventions - nothing more.

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How it works

  • Submit a request to meet with a provider through our Contact Us page (click here). Please specify which state you live in so we can match you with the appropriate provider.

  • We will reach out to you to schedule a time to meet for letter writing. This one-time session is free of charge.

  • Please have as much information as possible regarding your medical provider's requirements for the letter. We will need a release of information if you wish us to send the letter directly to the provider.

  • You will receive an electronic copy of your letter. For those meeting in person, we will provide you with a physical copy as well.

  • If you need help selecting a medical provider, we will do our best to share resources with you based on the collective experience of others who have accessed similar services.

about letters

Individuals seeking gender-affirming medical interventions may be asked to obtain one (or more) letters of support from mental health professionals. Many medical providers require this, per the current WPATH standards. Some third party payers request such letters before authorizing coverage for the desired interventions. We have both masters- and doctoral-level providers who are able to assist you.

  • Informed consent model: This approach is when medical providers do not require documentation from a mental health professional. Instead, their staff review the details of the requested interventions with the client and assure the client's full understanding of potential benefits and risks. This process is called "informed consent."

  • WPATH SOC: This acronym represents the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care. WPATH is the current professional organization that determines what is required for medical and mental health providers offering services to the trans community. The SOC is used to determine eligibility for gender affirming medical interventions. The WPATH SOC is a complicated phenomenon, contributing to gatekeeping practices that harm trans, nonbinary, and intersex clients.

  • Gender dysphoria: As of 2013 with the publication of the DSM 5, this is the diagnosis assigned to individuals experiencing distress related to the incongruence between their sex assigned at birth and their gender identity. It can begin in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood. Mental health providers are required to assess for gender dysphoria as part of the letter writing process. 

the galap pledge

The Gender Affirming Letter Access Project (GALAP) is a group of transgender, nonbinary, and allied mental health clinicians in the U.S. who believe in improving access to letters for clients who are seeking gender affirmative care. If you are a provider, please review their Harm Reduction Guide to Letter Writing and consider signing the pledge. If you are a client, please review the directory for a full list of mental health providers offering free or low-cost letters in your state.

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Please note:

We are only authorized to write letters for individuals living in CT or PA

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