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individual & group therapy

individual therapy

Finding a therapist can be a process as it is important to find someone who is the "right fit" for you. We are excited that you are considering one of our providers! 

All providers associated with Rainbow Resiliency, LLC are committed to providing affirming, client-centered care to members of the LGBTQQIA+ community. We believe in practicing from a social justice lens, adapting our therapeutic approaches to meet your unique needs.


Providers are currently out-of-network (OON) with insurance carriers, though we are open to doing single-case agreements and sliding scale rates as needed. 

How it works

  • Read through the information pages (click here) for the providers affiliated with Rainbow Resiliency, LLC. If you do not find what you are looking for, check out the resources page (click here) for more options.

  • Contact the provider you wish to meet with individually. You can contact them directly, or click here to use the form on this website.

  • Check with your insurance carrier regarding your benefits:

    • Do you have out-of-network (OON) coverage?

    • What is your co-insurance?

    • What is your OON deductible?

    • Do you need to use in-network providers? 

    • What is your deductible?

    • What is your co-pay?

  • Schedule a free, 15-minute initial phone consultation with the provider of your choice.

  • Schedule an intake session with this provider, a 60-minute session at a mutually convenient time.

  • If the fit feels right, continue scheduling based on the frequency you agree upon with your provider. Follow-up sessions are 50-minutes in duration.​


group therapy

Queer & Trans Pregnancy & Parenting

An open process group for those who are navigating the pregnancy, fertility, and parenting process as members of the LGBTQQIA+ community. Individuals, partners, & co-parents are encouraged to attend. Topics include: navigating the fertility process; healthcare experiences; the adoption process; raising children within a LGBTQQIA+ family; navigating childcare & school systems; & more!

Facilitators: Kayti
Date & Time: TBD
Cost: $40/session (please ask if you need financial assistance)

pregnant Asian person in a dress being hugged by another Asian person


​Are you part of the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community and someone who struggles with disordered eating and/or eating disorders? This closed therapy group will explore themes around recovery, including ways identity impacts body image, weight stigma, and treatment experiences. Group follows a fat-liberation, body-positive, all-paths-to-recovery approach.​

Facilitators: Kayti & Finn
Date & Time: TBD
Cost: $40/session 
(please ask if you need financial assistance)

Adult Trans & Nonbinary Process Group

This open process group is designed for transgender, nonbinary, and intersex individuals to support one another as they navigate living life as part of the trans community. Topics include: exploring gender identity, transition support (as desired), dealing with microaggressions, navigating a transphobic world, body image, general life events/topics, and more!

Facilitators: Finn & L
Date & Time: Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm
Cost: $40/session
(please ask if you need financial assistance)


Therapeutic ttrpg

Are you interested in joining a short-term (6-week), therapeutic TTRPG Dungeons & Dragons campaign? We are now collecting information from interested persons to determine topic, time, and day. Must be open to engaging in fantasy-based role play scenarios. 

  • Group 1: Ages 14-18

  • Group 2: Ages 19 and up

Facilitator: Kayti
Date & Time: TBD
Cost: $80/session (please ask if you need financial assistance)

ttrpg fox dice.jpeg

Group therapy offers clients the opportunity to interact with others navigating similar experiences. Please check out the options below for information about our current groups. All potential participants are asked to complete a free, brief pre-screen with the group facilitator prior to starting group.​

  • Open Process Groups: These groups offer an open enrollment as members attend as needed. Individuals may join at any time, and are not required to commit to weekly attendance. Groups are typically identity-based, with all topics considered within the boundaries of respect and avoiding highly triggering materials.

  • Closed Therapy Groups: These groups are designed for a limited number of people to participate in a topic-based short series of groups, requiring participation each week. Once the group has formed, no new members are allowed to join.

  • Therapeutic Table-Top Role Play Groups (TTRPGs): These groups are a specialized type of closed therapy group. Each therapeutic TTRPG will feature up to 5 clients engaging in a limited series (6-week) campaign utilizing the world of Dungeons & Dragons to navigate clinical topics. Group members are asked to commit to a free "Session Zero" as well as all 6 sessions. 

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