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Professional Consultation

Are you seeking to improve your skills working with LGBTQQIA+ clients, especially those with eating disorders or who have experienced trauma? Our providers are open to providing professional consultation for individuals, groups, or treatment programs. Please see below for options:

Professional Consultation:

Paid Consultation:

  • Request a consultation from any of our providers, or a specific person, using our Contact Us form

  • Describe your area of interest for consultation:

    • Working with the LGBTQQIA+ community​

    • Providing gender-affirming care to transgender, nonbinary, and intersex clients

    • Working with clients with eating disorders

    • Navigating trauma recovery with LGBTQQIA+ clients

  • Identify type of consultation request:​

    • One-time phone call or Zoom meeting​ 

    • Series of phone calls or Zoom meetings

    • Training event (see Training & CE events)

Pay-it-Forward Consultation:

  • Consultation specific to providing access to gender-affirming interventions

    • Letter-writing for medical transition​

    • Advocacy efforts associated with legal name/gender marker change

  • In lieu of payment, agree to provide a free session to a transgender, nonbinary, or intersex client

  • Follow the same request process as described above

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